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the restoration of Dolphin

Restoration of Dolphin Square
Restoration of Dolphin Square

AXA IM Alts acquires Dolphin Square

AXA IM Alts acquired the Dolphin Square estate on behalf of its clients in September 2020.

The estate management company has been re-named Dolphin Square Operator Ltd (DSQ) and is a UK registered company. The day-to-day management and operation of the estate continues very much as usual.

Expect to see some new faces around the square

Expect to see some new faces around the square

  • Surveys & inspections
    Surveys, inspections and works teams now active on site

Surveys & inspections

The Restoration Programme is assessing every aspect of Dolphin Square, such as the use of space and energy, as well as the demands and expectation of London living in the 21st Century. To ensure we appropriately and responsibly assess every aspect, our surveys and inspections span the length and breadth of the entire estate and gardens.

All those visiting Dolphin Square will follow strict Covid testing procedures – and most importantly, appreciate and respect that the estate and apartments are home to our residents and always mindful of this whilst carrying out any works required.

Planning application

Previous plans for the partial demolition and rebuild of Dolphin Square will not be taken forward. The works to the utilities, services and windows will however require planning consent and our application to Westminster Council was submitted in late December 2021. Once registered, the details of the planning proposals will be publicly available on the City of Westminster’s website and we look forward to keeping our residents and neighbours updated on progress.

Duncan House

  • Rodney House

The Restoration Programme has reached an important milestone

September 2021 saw us mark an important milestone with the successful relocation of all Duncan House residents into their new temporary accommodation within the estate. Our dedicated moves team was on hand to help every step of the way, working hard to make the process as smooth as it possibly could be. We’re keen to learn from this first round of resident relocations, so that we can ease the process even further next time and so we’re engaging with our Duncan House residents, now settled in their new homes, to gather feedback on their experiences.

What’s happening now

With Duncan House now empty, October 2021 saw the start of the building ‘strip out’ phase. Our specialist contractor is now carefully and safely removing all the interior fittings and fixtures and inner workings of Duncan House, before disposing of everything in an environmentally sustainable way. This critical enabling work, scheduled to last for approximately 3 months, involves the hand extraction of outmoded mechanical services, radiators and electrical wiring and data cabling to make way for new state-of-the-art eco-friendly systems.

Furthermore, in line with our strict environmental targets, 98% of all material being removed from Duncan House will be recycled, with zero waste going to landfill. Furniture will be redistributed and reused around the estate or donated to various charities.

Restoration Programme indicative timeframe — 2021 - 2028

House Estimated start Estimated completion
Phase 1
Duncan October 2021 Late 2023
Rodney apartments May 2022 Mid 2024
Rodney reception May 2022 Mid 2024
Beatty Late 2022 Mid 2024
Phase 2
Keyes Late 2023 Late 2024
Hood Late 2023 Late 2024
Collingwood Late 2024 Mid/late 2025
Frobisher Mid 2025 Mid 2026
Grenville Early 2026 Early 2027
Drake Early 2026 Early 2027
Phase 3
Howard Late 2026 Late 2027
Nelson Mid 2027 Mid 2028
Hawkins Early 2028 Late 2028
Raleigh Early 2028 Late 2028
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