The Restoration
Programme is underway

Restoration of Dolphin Square
Restoration of Dolphin Square

Some new faces around the square

The Restoration Programme is assessing every aspect of Dolphin Square to meet the demands and expectation of London living in the 21st Century from the use of space and energy to the care of our biodiverse environment.

To ensure we appropriately and responsibly assess every aspect, our ongoing surveys and inspections span the length and breadth of the entire estate and gardens.

The programme has reached an important milestone

The programme has reached an important milestone

  • Surveys & inspections
    Surveys, inspections and works teams now active on site

With necessary planning consents now granted by Westminster City Council, the works to the apartments, utilities, services and windows are now underway in Rodney, Duncan and Beatty Houses.

Other important milestones were marked by the successful relocation of our Duncan and Beatty House residents into their new temporary accommodation within the estate. Our dedicated moves team was on hand to help every step of the way, working hard to make the process as smooth as it possibly could be. Once settled in their new homes, we were keen to engage with residents and learn from these first rounds of relocations - gathering feedback on their experiences, helping to ensure we ease the process even further into the future.

From one good home to another

In the ‘strip out’ phase, our specialist contractor has carefully and safely removed all interior fittings, fixtures and inner workings from Rodney, Duncan and Beatty Houses, before disposing of everything in an environmentally sustainable way. This critical enabling work takes approximately 3 months per building, involving the hand extraction of outdated mechanical services, radiators and electrical wiring and data cabling to make way for new state-of-the-art eco-friendly systems.

In line with our strict environmental targets, 98% of all material removed was recycled, including furniture being redistributed and reused around estate. Furthermore, local charities and community organisations, along with nearly 500 local people received donations of furniture and homewares from Rodney’s serviced apartments. By the end of this large-scale recycling operation, not one of the thousands of pieces remained, with absolutely everything finding a new home and nothing going to landfill. It’s important to us to see these items now playing a positive part in our local community.

Restoration Programme indicative timeframe — 2021 - 2029

House Estimated start Estimated completion
Phase 1
Duncan September 2021 June 2024
Rodney May 2022 December 2024
Beatty July 2022 December 2024
Phase 2
Hood & Keyes Mid 2024 Mid 2025
Collingwood Mid 2025 Mid 2026
Frobisher Early 2026 Early 2027
Grenville & Drake Late 2026 Late 2027
Phase 3
Howard Mid 2027 Mid 2028
Nelson Late 2027 Late 2028
Hawkins & Raleigh Late 2028 Late 2029
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