Three strands
are central to our approach:

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Embracing sustainable technologies to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Creating short and long term employment, increasing diversity and inclusion and embracing social enterprises – and creating a special place to live and work in the heart of our Pimlico community.


Long term investment ensures responsible and considered stewardship of place and community.

Our objective is to preserve all that is valued about Dolphin Square, restoring its reputation as a quintessential London address.

  • Transforming Dolphin Square into a greener and more sustainable place

    Dolphin Square into
    a greener and more
    sustainable place — to improve the comfort
    & quality of life of residents now and into the future.

The Restoration Programme is challenged with working at a significant scale, within an established building; we’re driven to embrace and apply new methods and technologies that will achieve the ambitious sustainability targets set for the project. We appreciate that we’ll be the first to face some of these challenges and sharing our research, findings and outputs will benefit the property industry as a whole. Whether insights and learnings into contemporary London living, 1930’s structures or new technologies and innovation, we want to embrace collaboration and sharing, promoting best practice for the benefit of all.

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We know how important it is that we keep everyone informed at every stage of the programme. We’re committed to open, transparent and regular engagement and information sharing.

This website, our dedicated email, Restoration Programme App (DSQ&A) and on-site community suite (The Green Room) are just some of the ways we’re inviting and encouraging ongoing two-way dialogue.

The project has many moving parts – our inclusive and collaborative communications programme will help keep everyone in the loop throughout.

House by House

To minimise disruption to our residents, the Restoration Programme will be carried out on a house by house basis. This approach is designed to reduce the duration of works and relocation impact on our existing residents.

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    Character —Conserve

Hidden works

Key to the sustainable future of Dolphin Square is investment in its inner workings – the utilities infrastructure, including plumbing, heating and electrical system upgrades. These improvements are designed to enhance the comfort of our residents and secure the long-term future of the estate, whilst addressing some of its more immediate challenges – all dramatically improving the estate’s overall environmental performance.

Interior canvas - modern heritage

The interior design approach takes its inspiration from Dolphin Square’s heritage, with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. The scale of the Restoration Programme creates the opportunity to bring a holistic vision to the entire estate.